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      Healthcare system CEO retires

      After five years of dedication, Bruce Rampage, CEO of Northstar Health System, is retiring.

      "I think it's time to travel, enjoy the outdoors, and I wanted to read for pleasure," said Rampage.

      This is Rampage's second retirement; he originally retired at 60, did some traveling and realized he still wanted to be working the healthcare system. He came back as CEO and made a lot of improvements to the hospital.

      Rampage updated the design of the hospital with private treatment rooms, an expanded ER, recruited more physicians, and enhanced the focus on customer care.

      "People picked up on the customer service. The fact that we did first impressions, the fact that we made an investment in the community and equipment, that was all received very positively," Rampage said.

      What's next for the hospital? Although Rampage is stepping down, he says the hospital still has a clear direction of where they are headed. He says the hospital will continue focusing on customer care, and changes should be expected once the Obamacare mandate passes. He says it's too early to tell the type of affect it will have.

      "I just read where the fiscal cliff is rapidly being approached. There is a prediction that $11 billion could come out of hospitals' and physicians' offices...that's a chunk of change," Rampage said.

      Rampage says he will be around for advising but that he's going to remain a student of the field.