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      Healthy summer lunches for kids

      School's out for summer, which means kids may not be getting the same nutritional meals that lunchrooms provide.

      In Marquette, Lawry's Pasty Shop and North Star Academy are doing their best to serve sensible lunches to children in the area.

      "Research shows that only 17 percent of them have healthy and nutritious meals in the summer. If they eat breakfast and lunch at school during the year, in summertime, there's usually no extra money in the budget for extra meals. So this way, we can provide those meals for them," said North Star Academy Superintendent Karen Anderson.

      The summer lunch programs are at two spots this year: North Star Academy and The Lake Superior Youth and Family Center. Any child who wants a free lunch provided by Lawry's Pasty Shop is welcome to stop by one of the locations.

      "We work hard to make a healthy lunch. You know we give fruit and vegetables and an entre every day. It is a great program and there's a need, so we're willing to help when there's a need," said Pete Lawry from Lawry's Pasty Shop.

      They've been successful, too. Last summer, they served over 800 lunches.

      The program is five days a week until August 24, starting at noon until 12:40 p.m.

      One child said, "I want to say thank you because they always provide good food. I like eating food because it keeps you healthy and you don't get fat."