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      Healthy Vision Month

      From playing paint ball to lying in the sun, our eyes need to be protected. In honor of Healthy Vision Month, an Escanaba board-certified ophthalmologist gave TV6 some tips for keeping your eyes healthy.

      Protection is a big factor in eye health and protective eye wear is a necessity. Glasses or goggles with sides are the best for preventing accidents.

      UV-blocking sunglasses are important, especially for blue-eyed, fair people. Polarized lenses provide a crisper image but do not provide extra sun protection.

      A healthy, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables is also important, said ophthalmologist for U.P. Ophthalmology ophthalmologist Dr. Darrell Kohli, M.D. He said some studies suggest dark, leafy vegetables, like kale and spinach, are the best.

      However, despite precaution, issues can still arise.

      â??As a general rule, if thereâ??s a change in your vision, a significant one, either blurred vision or flashing lights or floaters, that is something to always have checked out promptly,â?? said Dr. Kohli.

      For those who have a family history of healthy vision, eye exams are recommended every three to four years. Dr. Kohli recommends people with a history of eye health issues such as diabetes should get annual exams.