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      Helicopter used in breakwall repairs

      Helicopter transporting concrete for construction on the Marquette breakwall

      If you were in lower harbor in Marquette on Thursday you might have witnessed a helicopter flying from the power plant to the lighthouse at the breakwall.

      The U.S. Coast Guard led project is to refurbish the concrete on the foundation of the lighthouse.

      Associated Constructors completed the project and contracted Midwest Helicopter Service from Illinois to transport the concrete. The helicopter made 75 trips to drop the concrete at the break wall.

      They used about 60 cubic yards of ready-mix, adding an eight inch coating to the base of it.

      "We were thinking of how we could get the ready-mix out there and it came down to that we felt a helicopter was going to be the best method for doing so," said Jim O'Dovero of Associated Constructors. "After watching it smooth it goes, I would do this again."

      The process took about six hours to complete and the concrete is expected to last at least 40 years.