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      Hellcats seek derby redemption

      The Escanaba Rollin' Hellcats will be battling the Kingsford Krush for the third time, and they're out for vengeance. The Escanaba roller derby women's team played them last year and lost.

      The team says at the time they'd only been skating for four months, but now they're confident they've got what it takes to win.

      The doubleheader will also include a junior team from Escanaba, The Blazing Beauties. They'll be up against the more experienced Track Brats, a Kingsford junior team.

      Hellcats' coach, Kim Segorski, says she's hoping both Escanaba teams will be victorious.

      "You know, we've been practicing for a full year now, and we've skated with some other teams and skated against some real tough teams," said Segorski. "Our endurance and skill levels are up, and we're just ready for a rematch. I think it's going to be a different turnout than it was last time."

      The doubleheader takes place at the Wells Sports Complex in Escanaba on March 30. The doors will open at 4 p.m. The Blazing Beauties skate at 5 p.m., and the Hellcats are on at 7 p.m.