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      Help animal shelters at NMU vs Michigan Tech hockey game

      This weekend there will be a two-day showdown of two hockey teams, the Northern Michigan University Wildcats and Michigan Tech Huskies, and although it's cats versus dogs, that's who can benefit with help from hockey fans.

      Fans attending the games will have a chance to make a difference with local animal shelters.

      â??We'll have people, students from Northern, accepting items,â?? explained Karen Rhodes with the UPAWS Fundraising Committee. â??We're going to have a table set up, pictures of pets that are up for adoption.â??

      Every year UPAWS collects donations at a Wildcat hockey game, but this year, in the spirit of rivalry, decided to have a little one-on-one of their own.

      â??We thought it would be kind of fun to have friendly competition with the Copper Country Humane Society,â?? Rhodes joked.

      UPAWS and the CCHS are seeing which shelter can collect more donations at the games.

      â??It really turns out to be perfect; itâ??s the cats versus the dogs,â?? said Justin Marzke, a CCHS Board Member. â??And it really kind of brings together the essence of the Humane Society.â??

      Canned food, toys, leashes, money, cleaning supplies and Econo Foods grocery receipts are all being accepted.

      So which shelter will come out on top? Despite who does, the real winners are the animals.