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      Help is on the way for Nebraska town destroyed by tornadoes

      One recent Negaunee High School grad is doing her part to help out victims of a double tornado in Nebraska. Joni Heino is working to raise funds for a trip to Pilger, Nebraska where two tornadoes destroyed about 70 percent of the town one month ago. Heino has been running a booth at local farmers markets selling items to raise money for building supplies and food for the trip. She and her mother are leaving this weekend for a 14 day stay. They'll be working to rebuild a church in the town that was destroyed. Heino says she has been volunteering all her life.

      "It makes you feel like a better person when your actually helping other people and your making a difference in life, if nobody made a difference in life then we'd all be wasting our time on this earth, so I'm going to Pilger Nebraska to help rebuild the town," Heino said.

      Heino works with a group called Relevant at Northern Michigan University. The group has been sending volunteers to help rebuild after natural disasters for years. They are still accepting donations for their trip, if you'd like to help, you can email the group at