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      Help keep glacial copper on display in Marquette

      A community campaign is in the works to preserve the world's largest piece of glacial float copper.

      The 28.2 ton copper is currently on display at Presque Isle Park in Marquette. Each year thousands travel to see it, and it also serves as part of Northern Michigan University's geology class. The campaign is trying to raise $200,000 to buy the copper from its owners in Calumet who want to cut it up and sell it.

      "There's many other mines of copper that they can make electric wires from, but don't take a beautiful gem like this and start cutting it up," says June Rydholm, organizer of the community campaign. "Let's save it for future generations to enjoy."

      So, far they've raised $50,000. If you'd like to help, contact the Marquette County Community Foundation.