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      Help your golf game with an Upper Peninsula product

      If dad needs help with his putting game this Father's Day, a new piece of golf equipment has come out to help, and it's made right here in the Upper Peninsula. The Pro 3 Golf putting aid is the design of a Louisiana inventor, and it's being manufactured in Wakefield at Extreme Tool. Marquette-based Quick Trophy assembles the product and Andex in Escanaba packages it. The Pro 3 attaches to your putter to show your alignment and club loft as you putt.

      "We have this incredibly diverse set of manufacturing capabilities here, so this is a great opportunity to export a product from the U.P. into a global marketplace," said David Ollila, President of Snapperhead Inventions. "The Pro 3 putting aid essentially helps you adjust and visualize your loft, your lie and your alignment."

      Developers are working to make the Pro 3 available at local golf course pro shops. For now you can purchase the product online. We've created a link right here.