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      Helpful audiology sessions offered by VA

      The Hearing Loss Association of America reported that one in every three adults suffers hearing loss.

      Although hearing aids can help the situation, they won't solve the problem entirely. This is why the VA Medical Center in Iron Mountain is offering free audiology sessions for veterans with questions. World War II veteran Henry London and his wife Joyce both suffer from hearing loss.

      â??I don't hear half the things people say,â?? Henry said. â??I just, well, I don't hear anyway, so I sit back and ignore it.â??

      Sitting back and ignoring conversations happens from hearing loss frustration. However, the VA wants to help veterans and their spouses learn techniques to better their hearing experience in addition to using hearing aids.

      â??Weâ??ve had three total audiology informational sessions where veterans and veterans' families can come into our group meeting which is once a month, the first Wednesday of every month from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.,â?? said audiology extern, Tricia Cayemberg.

      Here, they discuss anything from how to clean a hearing aid, to how to hear better in a restaurant.

      â??We like to tell everyone that hearing aids do not provide normal hearing. What we try to do is add some strategies to help them use the hearing aids the best they can,â?? Cayemberg said.

      They also focus on social cues and how to engage in conversations.

      â??You have to chime in and enter the conversation,â?? Joyce said.

      The Londons are hoping their hearing aids and techniques they've learned can help them get back to doing things they enjoy, like watching plays and musicals.

      â??Oh, we used to love all the Rogersâ?? and Hammersteinâ??s,â?? Henry said.

      â??Having the individual being proactive about their hearing is what this group is. You try to be proactive about wearing hearing aids, using hearing aids, and having better strategies to get the most out of the hearing experience,â?? Cayemberg said.