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      Hematites react to win

      It was a sea of blue at Ford Field this past Saturday as the Ishpeming Hematites celebrated their new state champion status.They went into the game as the underdogs, but managed to upset Detroit Loyola, 20-14.

      Monday, back at school, the Ishpeming Hematites were all smiles. And for some, the win is just now sinking in.

      "I think last night, it was like midnight, and I was laying in bed, and it finally hit me, you know. We're state champs, and we did it. All the hard work that we put in for the past four years, it all finally paid off. It's unbelievable," said senior, Joey Lyle.

      Most players donned their new state champ gear around school to celebrate.

      "I'll always remember winning the state championship at Ford Field. Not many people get to say that they end their high school football career winning," said senior, Cody Kugler.

      And the players aren't the only ones who are thrilled about the win. Senior cheerleader Jen Uuro has been cheering on the Hematites since her freshman year.

      "It was amazing. Just being able to stand on Ford Field and be right there by the cameras, and by Coach Olson, and all the other football players. It was amazing!" said Uuro.