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      Hematites taking a bite out of the Big Apple

      A 22-hour bus ride with minimal sleep isn't stopping the Ishpeming Hematites from doing it all in the Big Apple this week.

      They're on an all expense paid trip to celebrate Eric Dompierre's win in the Sports Illustrated Underdog Contest.

      The first thing they did when they got there? They made their way to the Sports Illustrated Headquarters, where they had a meet and greet with staff. They didn't stop there. They looked out onto the city at Rockefeller Center's observation deck, then on to Madison Square Garden to watch some college basketball.

      "It feels exciting because there's going to be pro athletes there, and they might support me. And it just feels exciting," said award winner Eric Dompierre.

      "So do you think you could live here?" asked Gabriella DeLuca.

      "Uh, no. May come on vacation here, but I never could live here," said Ishpeming player, Cody Kugler.

      "Why not?" Deluca asked.

      "Uhhhhh, traffic is just a little bit too much," Kugler answered.

      The team was scheduled to go to the Today Show Wednesday morning; they'll be standing outside, so make sure to keep an eye out. Later on Wednesday night, they will make their way the main event, the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Award ceremony.