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      Here comes winter

      If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, you're in luck. Upper Michigan has itself a winter snowstorm. Roads are snow-covered, slippery and in generally poor condition. Officials say stay off the roads if you can.

      This nasty weather has lead to a number of schools cancelling classes Thursday and meetings and sports events cancelled Thursday evening. Tom Asmus has been biking, of all things, three miles to work for the past four years, no matter the weather. He's prepared for a tough ride home.

      "This year, haven't had a whole lot of snow to deal with. The treachery this year has been ice on the bike path. My bike's outfitted with studded tires and I've got all the all-weather gear, fenders lights and so forth to make it a relatively safe ride," said Asmus.

      Road crews across the U.P. will be busy as temperatures drop and the snow continues to fall.