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      Heritage Manor residents finally back home

      Marge Griffor has been waiting more than half a year to move back into her old apartment.

      She had been living in Heritage Manor for over five years when she came home one day last August to find her apartment on fire.

      â??I came home from shopping, and I put all my parcels down and went downstairs and got my mail,â?? recalled Griffor. â??When I came in the first time, everything was fine. I didnâ??t even talk to anybody. I just went and got my mail, turned around and came right back up, and this time when I opened the door, my kitchen was on fire.â??

      Griffor ran through flames to call 911, threw the phone down, and then ran out the door.

      â??The young man that took me down the stairs, because steps is something I canâ??t do, he was so gentle and kind and just let me go at my pace and held on to me constantly,â?? Griffor explained. â??I never would have got down without that kind of help.â??

      After seven months of waiting, residents are finally able to move back into their homes, but they donâ??t have to do it by themselves. Dozens of volunteers from the community have stepped in to help them move back in and make this place their home.

      â??I really havenâ??t had to do that much,â?? Griffor said. â??Theyâ??re all really doing everything for me.â??

      â??Iâ??m just unpacking a few things now with the help of Michigan Tech students again this weekend,â?? added resident Hazel Tepsa. â??We canâ??t say enough.â??

      Tepsa said she is looking forward to finally being able to bake again.

      â??Oh, I canâ??t wait. I have not baked bread since August,â?? Tepsa said. â??I just cannot wait to get situated and start baking again. So weâ??ll have some good coffee times coming next week.â??

      â??Oh, I love it. Itâ??s so beautiful, all new,â?? Griffor remarked. â??Of course, I even have a new door and a new window in the bedroom because that was gone even. Everything in here is new. Yes, I love it. Itâ??s like moving into a brand new house! Itâ??s just so good to be back. I know Iâ??m going to sleep good tonight.â??