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      Hiawatha Music Fest a hit with the locals

      Thousands of people filled Tourist Park in Marquette Sunday to listen to some bluegrass music. It was the final day of the 35th Annual Hiawatha Music Festival.

      This year's festival had 11 main acts, two of which were from the U.P.

      The festival has become somewhat of a family tradition for a lot of the people attending the event.

      "We have so many interrelated families that come back, year after year, and it keeps expanding with friends and family, and we have a great time," said Laura Divine.

      "Some of us have been here to almost all of the festivals. Others have come and gone, but now we have what's called Camp 6.5 which are a lot of our kids. They're growing up and are starting to take over the tradition as well," said Charlie Spencer.

      Some of the campsites were decorated to celebrate the past 35 years of the festival. The winning team was guaranteed a campsite for next year's festival.ã??