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      Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival preparing for 36th year

      A real treat is coming to Tourist Park in Marquette. This weekend is the annual Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival. It's a family event that has a little something for everyone.

      "The Hiawatha Festival is an eclectic festival. So there isn't just one style of music, but many. There will be bluegrass, old-time, male and female singer-songwriters, there will be swing," said Charles Ganzert, Head of the Music Committee for the Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival.

      The gates open at noon on Friday, but music doesn't kick off until 7:30 p.m. at the Friday night dance. If you think there's only music to listen to at the festival, think again. There are plenty of opportunities to learn different styles of dance, workshops, an area for arts and craft vendors, and specialized spaces for children and teenagers, plus a neat raffle.

      "Our raffle coordinator has made another quilt out of all of the festival t-shirts and that's really fun to have and it really is something that people want to get their hands on," said Susan Divine, Executive Director of the Hiawatha Music Co-op.

      Tickets can be bought for just one day or the entire weekend and can be purchased at the gate if you don't have them already. If all of this still hasn't enticed you, it can be a great way to enjoy the summer as well.

      "We've had sort of a shortage of good summer days and it looks like it might be a good weekend and it would be a great day to get rid of your cabin fever," said Ganzert.

      Let's not forget the festival is in its 36th, year. To be around for that long, it must be a pretty memorable weekend for everyone to come back year after year.