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      Higashiomi delegates start touring Marquette

      Delegates from Marquette's sister city Higashiomi Japan are touring the area this week.

      It's a cultural experience for Marquette's Sister City delegates from Higashiomi Japan as they tour Marquette.

      Tuesday morning's itinerary includes four stops.

      "Our whole crux of this visit is economies of scale. Showing them our recreation based economy, checking out the Iron Ore Heritage Trail. Some of our unique technologies in town," said Bill Brazier, Marquette Sister City Program.

      They start off the day at the Marquette Arts and Culture center learning where inspiration for many artists comes from and a little history of the city.

      "Was very inspired by Peter White, who developed the city. He seems like he knew what was going to happen in the future," said Kazumi Yamamoto, delegate.

      Afterwards they stopped at Founders Landing where they learned how old industrial sites have been re-developed.

      Their tour took them through the city and to Presque Isle where they got a chance to take in the picturesque sights.

      "Nice city, beautiful reservoir, widespread. The people are very kind and friendly. It's very very nice city," said Masakiyo Ogura, Mayor of Higashiomi.

      The goal of the sister city program is to expand their cultural understanding while building an international friendship.

      "Because of the nature and people. How warm and how welcoming and how willing to open their minds to welcome the delegation that's really appreciative," said Yoshikazu Kawanami, delegate.

      The group has a full week ahead of them. Delegates return to Japan on Monday.