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      High hopes for Noquemanon marathon

      Marquette General Health System Noquemanon Ski Marathon officials are excited for the 15th annual event, especially after a recent snowfall.

      "We have coverage the whole way," said Race Director Jon Mommaerts. "We just want to make it thicker in some areas. It will all be ready come race day."

      Mommaerts said that the grooming crews have been hard at work getting the trails ready, and that this will be a big event for the Midwest.

      "This is the first marathon in the Midwest that's been able to happen this year," Mommaerts added.

      On Monday, the registration total was around 1,300 participants. Last year's registration was 1,500 total, and organizers believe they will beat that this year.

      Organizers said that the 2012 50k Classic winner, Santiago Ocariz, will be returning this year to defend his title.

      For more information on the Noquemanon Ski Marathon, check out their website here.