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      High school freshman seeks happiness in Facebook essay

      One freshman at Marquette Senior High School is looking to put her city and school on the map, but she needs your help to do it.

      Elle Pearson wrote an essay about her future goals as part of an assignment in the school's Career Choice curriculum. Pearson's essay, along with ten others from students nationwide, are posted on Facebook.

      Whichever essay gets the most "likes" by March 16 gets a VIP visit from Dain Blanton, an Olympic volleyball player and spokesperson for the contest.

      "It was crazy. I didn't think that it would happen to me," said Elle Pearson. "But it was really sweet that Marquette would be able to be recognized for that."

      Pearson's essay mostly involved finding happiness.

      The conclusion of her essay reads, "My life may not be all smiles, I know mine hasn't been so far; but that's how I want my life to end up. Genuine happiness."