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      High school juniors looking at universities

      Juniors at Kingsford High School had the chance to visit a number of colleges for a week and get a taste of life after high school.

      Close to 30 juniors traveled downstate to visit colleges and universities as they're thinking about graduation next year. Some of the schools they visited included Ferris State and Grand Valley State universities.

      "I thought it was really good. I liked Central (Central Michigan University) the most. I was looking at Central before, and I just focused on it and noticed that whatever you're going into, it's all found in one building," said junior, Ed Sexton.

      "The tour let me know that Central has my program, too. I'm also interested in Ferris now, and Lansing Community College showed that it was a really good option," said Danielle McConnell, also a junior. The students say they enjoyed seeing what student life is like after high school. This was the first year that Kingsford High School had a college tour, and faculty say it's something they look forward to doing again.