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      High school robotics team headed to world championship competition

      Houghton High School's FIRST robotics team, Superior Roboworks, has landed a spot at the world championship competition in St. Louis, Missouri next week.

      The team of 15 consists of high school students from a handful of Copper Country schools.

      The team leaves Tuesday for the competition, which starts Wednesday, April 23, and ends Saturday, April 26.

      The team is asking for helping funding their way to the worlds. One of their sponsors, GS Engineering, is matching any donation of $50 or more to help the team.

      Students say they hope to do their best and look at it all as a learning experience.

      â??You work on a robot, or work on programming or any different kind of things like that, and even if you're not specifically working on a single part of a robot, or programming, or whatever, there's still a whole lot of other little jobs that you can do,â?? said Houghton High School junior, Erin Lyle. â??It just is a good learning experience even if you have no idea what you're doing.â??

      If youâ??d like to help out Superior Roboworks fund their way to the world championship competition, visit their website here or contact Tony Schwaller at