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      High school students can get a makeover

      When students need help outside the classroom, teachers are willing to provide extra assistance.

      Escanaba High School Spanish teacher, Vicki Volk McGaffigan, knows firsthand that sometimes academia is not all that students glean from school. She recently discovered some students were in need of clothing items.

      "I thought, how nice it would be to do a fashion show with clothes from Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul to take away some of the stigma of wearing used clothes," said McGaffigan. She sought the help of a colleague, Joan DuFour. "We put our heads together," said DuFour, "and started bringing clothes in for kids to share. And it just got bigger and bigger."

      Yamaly Aznar, a 12th grade student, said the clothes are in very good condition.

      The students showcased the donated clothing in a school-run fashion show. There are boots, assorted handbags, coats, jeans and more. Teachers, staff and aides, as well as people outside the school community, make the clothing donations.

      When a student takes an item, the next day they can bring something in from their own closet to replace it. But they don't have to.

      The clothing is completely free to those who need it.