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      High school students drive to last day in tractors

      Three Marquette Senior High School students rode away from the last day of school driving a different sort of vehicle.

      Instead of a school bus or car the students drove in on vintage tractors. The tractors' top speeds were between 10 and 15 miles an hour, so they had to plan a route avoiding the main roads back to their meeting place, Michigan Sales and Equipment on Washington Street.

      They said they decided to make their last day memorable.

      "This is definitely out of the ordinary and instead of bringing regular vehicles to school we just took the tractors instead for a change," says student Augie Gentz. "Nobody else was doing it, why not us, that's what I said."

      "I don't know, it's a cool thing to do," says student James Hendricks. "No one else will do it. We like to be out there. Thank the Lord, praise God, school's out."

      The students also said they weren't sure whether or not they would do this sort of thing again next year.

      Students at MSHS had an early dismissal today, at 10:45 a.m.