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      High School students learn about engineering at Michigan Tech

      Over 150 high school students from around the country were awarded a $1,000 to spend the week at Michigan Tech to learn about fields in engineering.

      Students spent the week exploring ten different fields in engineering, including learning to build artificial intelligence bots and building towers to withstand the force of an earthquake. The engineering camp is part of Michigan Tech's summer youth programs which aim at getting high school students interested in higher education. The students say the camp is a great way to get real experience in each field in engineering.

      "I've always had an interest in engineering, and I needed to know what type of engineering I would like to go into, and knowing that I could go through all the types and see what they're all like was just an outstanding opportunity," says Larry Lamb, high school junior from Niles, MI.

      Students also experience life on a college campus by living in the dorms and eating in the dining halls, and even took trips through town with the summer youth program staff.