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      High School teachers learn how to teach math in a practical way

      Teachers from Marquette and Alger counties were students in the classroom.

      Eagle Mine is sponsoring a four day training workshop for high school teachers.

      The Geometry in Construction workshop, specifically for math teachers, illustrates how to help students better understand math in a practical way.

      This type of learning also trains students so they have experience in areas which could lead to career choices.

      "A lot of my students are what we would call surface learners. They are students who want to learn the material well enough to pass the test or quiz and not necessarily apply it or use it" says Superior Central math teacher, Dawn Hayse.

      Geometry in Construction co-founder, Scott Burke adds, "We have in essence, educated them to the point where they start to target in a little bit more on what they might want to do further down the line."

      This teaching model has been tested and shown effective in schools in Colorado for ten years.