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      High schoolers prepping for ACT

      Statewide, high school juniors and seniors will be taking the Michigan Merit Test starting Tuesday. The largest portion of it is the ACT. Students will be taking it for college entrance.

      Gladstone Schools' Superintendent Jay Kulbertis says students have been hard at work preparing since their early high school years. He's confident students will be able to outscore state averages in each category.

      ??One of the things we stress in Gladstone is that our students are so much more than just a test score,?? explained Kulbertis. ??We always historically score very well, and I??m sure we'll continue to do that. But we really put our emphasis on their whole well-being.??

      Kulbertis does say students shouldn't feel discouraged if they don't do as well as they'd like. That's because there are other opportunities to study, retest, and raise their score.