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      Higher graduation standards for high schools

      It's a bill that deals with high school graduation requirements, and at Gladstone High School, Representative Ed McBroom led a roundtable discussion.

      McBroom and about 30 participants discussed the lawmaker's legislative proposal for changing the Michigan Merit curriculum. The state has mandated the 18 core curriculum that includes credits in world language and algebra. According to McBroom, one problem is that the curriculum is too narrow and doesn't provide students with options. Many of those in attendance agreed that there should be more choices and flexibility in students' schedules.

      "What we're looking at doing is enfranchising them and making it more a career readiness as opposed to just a college readiness measure," said Gladstone Superintendent, Jay Kulbertis.

      Kulbertis said it hasn't had an effect on the typical college prep students. Instead, the students affected were those who struggled with higher math or science classes and were looking at entering a technical or vocational school.