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      Highway construction underway in Ironwood

      The City of Ironwood is right in the middle of a major construction project on Highway-2.

      It's narrowed down the lanes and detoured eastbound traffic through Hurley, Wisconsin. The project seeks to upgrade utilities and to resurface roads.

      The cost is around $5.5 million with help from Michigan Department of Transportation and the City of Ironwood.

      Both east and west bound lanes will be completed this summer.

      "We're widening the travel lanes by one foot and then adding a sidewalk," says Dean Aberly, lead inspector at MDOT. "The overall footprint of the project is being widened by two feet on each side of the road. We started placing curbing gutter last week which will continue this week; we're hoping to pave the south side next week."

      Expected completion for the current summer stage is mid-October.