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      Hikers meet on North Country Trail

      "I was trapped. The bugs were eating me up, and I found this one tiny, little hole I was able to squeeze through," said Luke Jordan. "I went in 20, 30 yards and I sank in up to my waist," said Chris Hillier.

      Luke Jordan and Chris Hillier are on two different hikes, but on this day, they are sharing stories about their journey so far.

      They crossed paths on The North Country Trail in Marquette and are staying with a trail angel host to re-cooperate.

      "Some places where the rivers are high I told him to go around those. He shared some of the nice people he met in Grand Marais a little bit east of here. You know. make sure you stop in here," Jordan said.

      'It's been great. not only to get upcoming trail information, but to meet someone with real empathy. He knows what I'm going through," Hellier said.

      Jordan is hiking all 4,600 miles of The North Country Trail. He started in North Dakota on March 27 and plans to be at the end of the trail in Vermont by October. He will the fourth person and youngest, at the age of 23, to hike it.

      While Hillier is the first to hike Governor Snyder's proposed trail from Belle Isle to Ironwood; he started April 26 and plans to be in Ironwood by mid July.

      "This trail is only about 70 percent complete; the other thirty has been trying to find my way from the end of one short rail to the beginning of another. Sometimes that has been road walking or walking across railroad tracks or cutting across fields," Hellier explained.

      Both will be on their way Thursday morning and are blogging about their trip.

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