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      Historic grocery store closes doors

      Good service and homemade spaghetti sauce are just two of the things Monticello's Grocery is known for. Ted and Arlene Monticello have owned the store on the corner of Quincy Street in Hancock for the past 30 years, and they've made the decision to close the doors for good. As Arlene talked about the decision to close the store, her eyes began to tear. She said there hasn't been a day she didn't want to come in to work. "Finally we made up our decision this fall, and we decided that for the best for us for our age, we should have some good years ahead of us to do what we wanted to do," said Arlene.The store has been owned by several families since 1893, and the Monticello's bought it in 1983. Arlene says they delivered groceries to some of the customers. One customer even wrote her a thank you letter to for delivering groceries to her mother. After 30 years of seeing the shelves fully stocked, regular customers would be surprised to see them so bare. The food that is left on the shelves are being sold at a discount to encourage customers to come in, buy what's left, and give it to someone in need. Regular customers at the store have been coming in all week giving the Monticello's well-wishes, although they are sad to see the store close. "I've been a customer in this store for about 20 years,â?? said Mary Woolman. â??It'll be a really sad moment because they have been excellent to us, and it is a great store for the whole community." Arlene said she has many memories in the store. "We enjoyed staying here all the while,â?? said Arlene. â??I enjoyed the customers. The one thing I'll miss is the customers." Monticello's doors will officially close on December 24.