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      History Center to host Great Fire walking tour

      The Marquette Regional History Center will be hosting a walking tour around downtown Marquette.

      The tour will follow the path the Great Fire of 1868 took en route to almost completely destroying the city. The tour will stop at some historical sites along the way.

      "Everywhere you look there are historic buildings and places named after historic people, but once you start to dig beneath the surface a little bit you find that everywhere you look you can find little nooks and crannies that have historical value to them," says Jim Koski of the History Center. "You can just walk through downtown Marquette and discover where railroads once sat or how fire shaped an entire city."

      The tour will start at the fire fighters memorial in Lower Harbor Park on June 11 at 6:30 p.m. There is an expected donation to the History Center of $5.

      For more details, visit their website .