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      Hitting home runs for Special Olympics

      Friday marked day two of the annual Softball in the Dome tournament. The event has supported the Special Olympics for Marquette to Keweenaw counties for over 25 years.

      This year's tournament honors Mick Campbell. Campbell worked with the Special Olympics, raising funds and helping players with special needs.

      Many players in the annual tournament come from across Michigan and Wisonsin. Some travel even further to play.

      "I traveled all the way from Florida all the way up here just to play softball actually to play with my dad," said Tyler Krieg, an Escanaba native who moved to Florida nine years ago. "Itâ??s been many years since we got to play together."

      Krieg said he also wanted to play to help the Special Olympics.

      "Couldn't have a better cause," Krieg added.

      Last yearâ??s event raised over $4,000 for the Special Olympics. Organizers say next year's tournament will be open to women softball teams.