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      H.O.G. Bike Show rolls into Little Lake

      The H.O.G. Bike Show was in Little Lake Saturday to raise money for the Bay Cliff Health Camp, a camp for kids with disabilities.

      The show was at American Legion Post 349 where there was live music, shopping stalls set up and the main event, the Harley bike raffle which raises the bulk of the money for the health camp.

      Event staff said the kids at the health camp are an inspiration to the show's participants to keep raising money for them every year.

      "You have to go up there and see what its all about. Once you go out there and see these kids, how hard they work, how difficult it is for these kids and we're just fortunate they let us do this. You go up there and it gets you gets you in the heart." said Joe Kerekes with the Bay Cliff Raffle Committee.

      This is the show's 28th year and it's raised $1.3 million total for the camp, averaging about $60,000 to $80,000 a year.

      This year's amount raised won't be known until August, when the check will be presented to the camp.