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      Holiday shopping in the Copper Country

      With only two days left until Christmas many of you might still have some last minute holiday shopping to do.

      Some folks in the copper country were hitting the stores today looking to finish their Christmas shopping.

      Shoppers hit the stores in Houghton. Some were buying last minute gift fillers, others still had all their Christmas shopping to do.

      In downtown there are several little shops where you can find a little of everything.

      Wicker and Willow, has smaller household gift items.

      "I was looking for jewelry and I did purchase a couple of pieces from the crafters' inside, some Tupperware just few little things," said Linda Massie, Shopper.

      Still looking to get something for a young one? Well you will find some classical kid toys at Swifts True Value Hardware.

      They have red wagons, tricycles, sleds, and much more.

      If you are looking for more outdoor gifts.

      Just up the street from them you will find Downwind Sports, and they were busy all day.

      Folks were getting winter apparel others buying sporting equipment.

      Managers say many people are looking to buy cross country skies, snowboards, and snowshoes.

      "I think last minute works, for me it does. I don't know sometimes I find the coolest things. I have a hard time with prepping making decisions, but just sometimes spur of the moment works best for me," said Amelia Newman, Shopper.

      The mall also was busier than usual.

      Some stores will remain open through Christmas Eve. ã??