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      Holiday spending plan

      Registers will be ringing, and so will your wallets this holiday season. What are some tips you can use to not drain your wallet?

      Shopper Mike Bohl say try getting your shopping done earlier.

      "We do have a gift giving budget, so every month money goes into that budget. Then as we see things become available on sale throughout the year that we know the kids would like, we will go ahead and buy it at that time," said Bohl.

      Financial Counselor with GreenPath Debt Solutions, Stuart Baker, says before going to the store, plan out your budget.

      "What are your necessary bills between now and Christmas and what's the extra money that you have? Plan on how many people you have to buy for, figure out a dollar amount for each of them, and stick to it. Don't get caught up in some of the hype and go overboard," said Baker.

      Are you trying to get the latest games like Wii u, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, or Halo4, for the boys? Maybe you are shopping for the Monster High Dolls and Just Dance series for the girls.

      Sit down, write a list of who you're shopping for, set a dollar amount, and a gift idea.

      According the National Retail Federation, between shopping for your kids, extended family, friends, and that special loved one, the average person will spend at least $700 on gifts. That is why it is a good idea to check that list twice.

      Popular this year are the Legoland series, the iPad mini, and making a comeback is the Furby, originally launched in the late '90s.

      Senior Team Leader at Target, Cheryl Devilbiss, says for some, gift cards are their go to item.

      "For Target, we sell about 40 percent of our gift cards during the months of November and December, and a large portion of those are used on December 26," said Devilbiss.

      Before making your purchases, shop around for the best deal.

      "If you do your research and you know what you want and you're willing to be a little patient for it, you can usually get the right deal," Bohl said.

      Finally, when it comes to paying, choose cash, but if you are going to use credit, stick to one card.