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      Holiday theft

      I t's that time of the year again when presents are plentiful , but unfortunately, theft sometimes also comes along with the season.

      According to the Marquette County Sheriff's Office, theft goes up each holiday season.

      One of the most common ways people steal during the holidays is picking purses right out of a grocery cart.

      "If it's busy in the story, women especially shouldn't leave their handbags in their cart if they're looking at their items or trying things on," said Captain David Lemire, Marquette County Sherrif's Office.

      Another way thieves get their goods is looking through car windows and seeing unopened items and purses in vehicles. If you absolutely have to keep your purse in the car, be sure to keep it out of plain sight. Make sure to keep it underneath the seat or put something on top of it to hide it.

      "I always lock my car. I'm obsessive about locking my car. And I have an over-the shoulder bag, and I always make sure I carry it in the front of me and not in the back," said Erin Rule, a holiday shopper.

      Stores are also taking precautions when it comes to protecting their customers.

      "We have cameras inside the building, obviously. We have camera coverage outside the building, and we have a few folks who work for us in a security capacity. They're here every day," said Target manager, Keven Higgens.

      Target rarely has any sort of theft in their store, but they say they are prepared if it were to happen.