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      Holiday travelers hit the road

      The holidays are here and that means people are filling up their vehicles and hitting the road to be with friends and family.

      According to AAA's website, about 93 million Americans are expected to travel during this year's holiday season. That number is up about one percent from last year.

      We caught up with one driver who traveled 11 hours from Ohio to visit his family here in Negaunee.

      "It's Christmas time, we have three grandchildren and we load the car up with presents and we drive," said Richard Dutter. "We don't get to see our grandkids and my son and his wife that often so it's well worth it coming up here."

      Motorists can expect to pay about $3.30 a gallon for unleaded regular gas now. There is also a new ad campaign from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, reminding you to Drive Slow on the Ice and Snow.