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      Holiday week patrol with the Marquette Police Department

      Police agencies across Michigan are out in full force this holiday week in an effort to reduce risky driving behaviors, from texting behind the wheel to operating under the influence.

      Noise complaints are also keeping officers occupied, especially with the new law that legalized more types of fireworks.

      Fireworks calls are just part of what is keeping Marquette Police Department Officer Mike Archocosky busy while on midnight patrol throughout the week of Fourth of July.

      "Just a lot of people celebrating and having a good time," he said.

      Six years on the job has taught the Caspian native that this holiday presents a balancing act for law enforcement.

      "On the other hand, I mean there's people next door that are sick of fireworks, they're sick of noise," Archocosky said. "Maybe they have to work tomorrow? We have to use our discretion and our common sense."

      Archocosky said his department will receive an increased number of calls this week.

      "An increased portion of that will be related to drunk drivers," he said.

      Drinking and driving is something Archocosky and his fellow officers are keeping an extra eye on this week.

      "We might see more drunk drivers during the day time, or during a parade for instance," he said.

      From drinking and driving to fireworks, it is a challenging time for authorities, but there is never a dull moment.