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      Holidays good for ski business

      Thanks to more snow and the holidays, multiple ski hills are reporting a spike in visitors.

      At Marquette Mountain, the hills were packed with skiers and lines were long at the lifts Sunday. The hills have been running snow guns to help for over a week. They've been opening up an average of one to two runs a day. Sunday, they opened up four and the final lift on the east side. Over the past 10 days, the hill has seen thousands of visitors.

      "I talked to a lot of people last night that had just finished their day, and they had a wonderful day yesterday. That's what's really important to me. It's basically what our effort is all about," said Marquette Mountain General Manager, Vern Barber.

      Marquette Mountain still needs to open another 7 of its 34 runs which is expected to be done by next weekend.