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      Holocaust survivor inspires equality

      Thursday marked Martin Lowenbergâ??s eighth return to Kingsford Middle School. All of his trips focused on spreading the same message of equality. Lowenberg spent his teenage years living in an undeserved neighborhood and was placed in a concentration camp at the age of 15.

      â??I think it's very important to find out what is going on in the worldâ?|how other people like to subject and suppress other people,â?? says Lowenberg.

      For 12 years beginning at the age of five, Lowenberg was harassed and humiliated. He speaks to students about how he was robbed of his childhood. He speaks to students in Germany and travels across the United States sharing his platform of equality.

      â??People can be envious of others, jealous and, of course, hateful. Thereâ??s absolutely no reason why people have to be like that,â?? Lowenberg explains.

      Lowenberg was a prisoner of the Kaiserwald Camp and became Nicole Robergeâ??s inspiration for her project.

      â??I learned so much. I didn't know anything about it really. I looked online and read all this horrible stuff that they had to go through,â??says Nicole.

      Nicole enjoyed learning about the holocaust and doesn't know how Lowenberg was able to endure all the pain and suffering he was subjected to.

      The students, parents and faculty listened intently as Lowenberg shared his story of how he escaped as a little boy to reach the land of the free, the United States of America, where he was eventually reunited with his remaining family members.

      Lowenberg says he does these presentations to spread the message of how hate can have a negative affect on the world and hopes to inspire positivity.