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      Holocaust survivor talks to students

      The reality that over six million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust may be a difficult concept to grasp. But for someone who was there, who experienced the horrific slaughtering of people and lost loved ones, that number becomes extremely personal.

      Martin Lowenberg is a Holocaust survivor. He speaks to students about his experiences as a Jew living under the discriminating and violent hand of Adolf Hitler.

      "He wanted to conquer the entire world,â?? explained Lowenberg. â??But, of course, his aim was to destroy the Jewish people. They kicked me, they punched me, they spat in my face, and they did whatever they could because the teacher told them to.â??

      Martin spent his teenage years in a Latvian ghetto, only to be separated from his family, some of whom were murdered.

      "My parents were killed in Auschwitz, and our twins, who were nine years old,â?? Lowenberg said.

      At the Kingsford Middle School Thursday, students asked Martin questions about his time in the concentration camps.

      "As bad as it was and as close as we were to death, every moment while I was in the ghetto and concentration camps, working like a slave, hope was the only word we knew,â?? Lowenberg said.

      The Holocaust should never be forgotten, and Martin knows that by sharing his story, he can heal and can share the hope that endures.

      "Iâ??m very happy to let people know, let children know, what really happened,â?? the survivor said.