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      Holy flap jacks! Pancakes rake in $4,000 for hockey teams

      mBank 19U Team

      Something sure smelled good at the Elks Lodge in downtown Marquette.

      It was all because two girls?? hockey teams were fundraising by flipping flap jacks.

      The mBank 19u and OBGYN 10u hockey teams say they've held this event for years to help them pay for trips.

      How much money can pancakes possibly make? Well, apparently, a lot.

      "We raise about $4000," said Brooke Swajanen, with the 19U team. "It makes you feel very special it??s a great fundraiser."

      The teams go through about 90 pounds of pancake mix, 100 pounds of sausage, 16 gallons of orange juice, 50 pints of milk and three cases of syrup to make the breakfast a success.