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      Home flooding solutions

      As the weather warms up, and the snow begins to melt, water can seep into basements and potentially cause serious damage.

      For those who like to Do-it-yourself, there are a few options to both drain the existing water in your home, and prevent any more from coming in.

      â??Sump pumps, theyâ??ll kick in automatically and theyâ??ll pump the water out of your basement and are a very good product,â?? said T & T True Value Hardware owner, Kelly Oâ??Connell. â??A lot of people that have had a water problem in the past, they have sump pumps.â??

      To prevent water from seeping in through the walls, Drylok can be used. It is a waterproofing paint that is applied to bare walls. It is as simple to apply as basic paint, only requires two coats and can be applied to damp walls.

      Hydraulic cement can be used to plug holes and cracks, even as the water is flowing through.

      â??It takes about three to five minutes to set up but this will hold back any water pressure and if you have water that is seeping through your walls this is a product that will stop the flow of water,â?? Kelly said.

      It is a dry product that is simply mixed with water and applied with a putty knife.

      These holes and cracks may be a sign of bigger issues to come.

      â??This winter weâ??re seeing a lot more buckled walls, people that never had issues before, due to the frost levels,â?? said Eric Esterline Builders owner, Eric Esterline. â??Youâ??ll see a horizontal crack opening up and thatâ??s an indication that your wall has been compromised and is starting to push in.â??

      When this happens the walls need to be professionally straightened, reinforced and sealed.