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      Home remedies for bug bites

      It seems just about everyone is saying the bugs are bad this year. There are all sorts of crazy recipes out there for treating bug bites from toothpaste to lemon juice. But do they really work?

      "Some people react worse to bugs than others, mosquitoes and black flies and so onâ??, said Dr. Michael Dix, Pharmacist at Morrisonâ??s Drug Store. â??Some people really get a bad reaction to bug bites and some people don't. That's why you have this stuff handy to treat it."

      Sometimes itâ??s more than just skin reactions.

      "It's not just the itching you can get, there's an infection called West Nile Virus that you can get here and it can be very dangerous potentially. So they're more than a nuisanceâ??, said Dr. David Shahbazi, Family Physician.

      Many people have tried using home remedies on bug bites instead of going to the drug store. Bonnie Richardson commented on our Facebook page that she makes a paste out of baking soda and water, applies that to the bite and lets it dry. Katie VanBuren commented on our Facebook page saying Orajel works and so does Preparation H. Kevin Looby Sr. commented put some good old Purell hand sanitizer on the bite.

      Even though they may work, it isnâ??t recommended to experiment with your own home remedies.

      "I would avoid using a lot of other home remedies such as Preparation H or toothpaste or raw meat because those things can make your skin worse and can cause rashes and skin reactionsâ??, said Dr. Shahbazi.