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      Home, sport, and rec show

      This year, 48 vendors came together for the annual Home, Sport and Recreation show.

      New to the show is Roam Automotive. Their truck with a tent mounted on the roof got a lot of attention.

      "It makes it so much easier being able to have it all in the trunk where you don't have to worry about trying to find a spot to camp or anything like that. It fits the U.P. personality," said Tom Russell, shopper.

      Roam Automotive features a way to carry all kinds of outdoor equipment like kayaks, bikes, and much more, with an innovative mounting system.

      "Most people are faced with the trouble of how they're going to load everything and bring all their toys with them when they go camping," said T.J. Lassila, Roam Automotive. "With our outfitting shop we're able to give them more options to be able to get and enjoy more things."

      People were also looking at the side-by-sides, but set aside from all the outdoor sporting equipment, many were shopping around for home items and crafts.

      The Donut Diner stand was also a must-stop spot.

      And the Alger County Animal Shelter were there, hoping to find new homes for their shelter animals. One vendor, Kathy Lepisto, fell in love with one of the dogs and ended up adopting her.

      "It's just great that I could give her a home. She is housebroken already. Nobody's perfect, no pet's perfect, but you just work together. She's just really awesome," said Lepisto.

      The animal shelter has been able to place a handful of their animals in new homes.

      Visitors agree the show was a great way for the community to come together.