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      Home town taste off

      The aroma of over 60 pizzas was in the air at Northern Michigan University's Jacobetti Skills Center Monday evening.

      NMU's Public Relations Student Society of America group put on their second annual Home Town Taste Off.

      Students and community members were able to attend and enjoy pizza from six different pizza places in Marquette.

      They were given two tickets to vote for their favorite.

      "What makes it fun is it's a blind taste test so you can't tell which pizza places are which we have them all cut their pizzas in squares so you can't tell which pizzas are which and also so we can get more pizza out of each pizza for the consumers," said Emma Finkbeiner, Campaign Coordinator for NMU PRSSA.

      All of the proceeds from the ticket sales benefit NMU's Student Flexible Aid Fund, which helps students close to graduating with unexpected expenses.