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      Homeless furry felines need your love

      June is National Adopt-A-Cat Month, and Marquette County's Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter is joining in!

      Until June 15, cat lovers can stop in to UPAWS or Petsmart and receive half off the adoption fee for any cat.

      UPAWS has over 60 cats in the shelter at the moment, and they would love to match you up with a furry, kindred spirit.

      They also have the Lonely Hearts program. If you adopt a cat who has been at the shelter for more than 60 days, the entire adoption fee is waived.

      "To honor our furry felines and to get them into loving homes, we are reducing their adoption fee by half, and we're hoping that you'll come out and fall in love with somebody. We have some great cats up for adoption, and we're super excited about this event," said Lariena Van Strien, UPAWS Manager.

      All cats over six months old are eligible for the half-off rate.

      If you do adopt a feline, you will be entered to win a cat goodie basket full of toys and treats for your new friend.