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      Homemade goods with an old time charm

      The Upper Peninsula Steam and Gas Engine Village features a village that houses old time charm including a pottery shop, a museum, a wood-carving display, and a general store.

      The village is located at the U.P. State Fairgrounds in Escanaba. Many people stop by the general store to pick up homemade goods and to check out the old-fashioned items. Officials say much of the displays have come from the public.

      And visitors say they enjoy coming back and seeing what their ancestors have donated to the area.

      "We've displayed a lot of items that have been donated to the U.P. Steam and Gas Engine Village to bring back some of the nostalgia that people remember from years ago," said General Store Manager Ann Miller.

      The village has nearly two acres of nostalgic attractions, and it's a family-fun experience that you can't miss if you visit the fair.