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      Honey and vinegar for insect bites?

      Summer is finally here. But there's more to the season than just camping and swimming. As experts suggest, we can expect to see more mosquitoes and the evidence they leave on our skin.

      "At the end of the day, I get about four bug bites,â?? said camper, Amelia Stohl.

      We may try to beat the critters to the punch by protecting ourselves with insect repellent, but we can almost always be sure theyâ??ll find some area of exposed skin to bite.

      Surprisingly, however, many remedies to relieving itching can be found in your kitchen. From apple cider vinegar to honey, many natural products can bring instant relief. Tea bags, for example, release tannins which are anti-inflammatory, leading to decreased swelling.

      Another great option is baking soda. Itâ??s a mild alkaline component, and when mixed with water to create a paste, it will neutralize the Ph balance of the skin. This neutralizing will lead to decreased inflammation, itching, and scratching.

      Ice is another easy fix to the frustration of itchy skin. The temperature shocks the skin to relieve itching but can also lead to reduced swelling.