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      Honoring the armed forces

      Service men and women of the United States armed forces were honored at Wednesday night's Westwood Patriots boys' basketball game. Current armed forces personnel as well as veterans were admitted into the game for free. Commemorative shirts were also made for the event by Yooper Shirts. Westwood staff say it's a way to say thanks.

      "They do a thankless job and we're just playing a game. When we use the terms like 'battle' and they're in a battle everyday protecting our country, it was just about a good opportunity to say thank you to the people that are serving for us," said Ryan Riechel, Westwood basketball coach.

      Prior to tip-off, the Westwood Patriots were presented with a plaque from Master Sergeant Dan Kurian with the Michigan Army National Guard. Members of the National Guard were also selling raffle tickets during the game.